Arguments (pros and cons)

First I want to shed light now on the whole Hitomi-system as seen from a sceptic perspective. If that perspective is true, the conclusion will be surprising: Hitomi can't be man-made and is at least a mystery. I am going to supply arguments for why Hitomi is not just chance.

Hitomi is Impossible

Well, these are arguments why such a thing as the Hitomi-system cannot exist. But are they true?

Hitomi is not Chance

You can try to generate your own pictures by entering values that seem significant to you (or also random values) in the Hitomi-App. Most of the results will be just scattered dots. But maybe you find something that I have missed. Here are some criteria why my pictures are not just chance and how you can discern real pictures from scattered dots:

Continue reading the conclusions from all that what I have found.

(c) 2012 Andreas G. Szabó