picture: transfiguration of christ
Hitomi about the Church and Conspiracy Theories

Regardless if you are into conspiracy theories or not, this might be the most weird and intriguing such alike situation you have ever read about. It is yet not a conspiracy theory by itself, but leaves open much reasonable room for speculations. It is up to you what you make out of it.

The Hitomi-Timeline

First we need to understand, what the “Hitomi-Timeline” is and how it works. It is a correlation of a verse of the Genesis to a particular year in our past history and some special events there. No prophecies, just a record of what has happened or what was planned to happen.

To establish this connection we need two things: Torah verses on one hand and a calendar on the other. Should we use the Jewish Calendar or the Christian one? No, neither. We use both!

And we use the verses. I don't know why, but the correlation results from a simple calculation involving the number of verses of the Torah and the start date of the Jewish Calendar. The Talmud in Tractate Kidushin 30a (later version) states that the Torah has 8888 verses. This seems strange and guess what, it is really not the amount of verses that the Torah really has. A real Torah has around 5847 verses, some editions a few verses more, some less (no verses are missing, only their divisions differ). 8888 verses is not a mistake. It's a far to big difference and the number does not look random. So what is the intention?

picture: hint to the Hitomi-Timeline

Our Hitomi-Timeline comes about when we calculate the difference of the verses mentioned in the Talmud and the real verses. This difference is 3041. Then we add this to the start date of the Jewish calendar in 3761 BC, landing at the year 720 BC.

I just realized, that 720 is twice 360 and thought: “Could it be that there three spans of 360 years are meaning the three rings of the discovered Hitomi-Method?”. A dot in a Hitomi-Picture is a word in a verse and every verse is situated on a spoke of a wheel. Every spoke number can be converted into an integer degree number and the degree number might directly correspond with a year between 720 BC and 360 AD. Every of the three concentric Hitomi-Wheels could mean a range of 360 years.

picture: Hitomi-Timeline

So a dot in a Hitomi-Picture, being a word in a verse, could point to a year. And it turned out that I was right: The Sun-dot in the picture of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 7 BC, which is linked to the idea of the birth of Christ, points directly to the year 7 BC when it is seen through the now established Hitomi-Timeline.

picture: conjunction

The mosaic in the picture below (explained in the Constantine essay on the Knowledge page) looks like the Hitomi design and the greek letters Alpha and Omega in it perfectly correlate to the idea of a threefold timeline.

picture: Albenga mosaic

And below you can see the cover of the “Einheitsübersetzung” Bible, which is said to be derived from the Albenga mosaic.

picture: Bible cover

The Light Side and The Dark Side


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