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Sacred or Secret? - Hebrew Genesis Contains Mathematically Encoded Pictures

by Andreas G. Szabó

I wanted to find something that is as intriguing to me like Stonehenge or the Pyramids, but hidden in the Bible. And I have found it. It was like the discovery of Troy. People knew that it is impossible, but I did not know that and was successful (said after Mark Twain).

The Discovery

In Hebrew every letter is also a number, so that one can obtain the value of a word by adding the numbers represented by the letters of that word. This procedure is called Gematria.

Originally I wanted to analyze the distributions of such gematric values in the Hebrew biblical book of Genesis and found therefore a computer-based graphical method to display them. That method should provide round eye-shaped views and so I named the method “Hitomi” which is Japanese for the pupil of the eye, the name of a girl whom I first time clearly saw in the Anime television series The Vision of Escaflowne in 2002, around the time where I made my first discoveries with the Torah.

The Hitomi-method worked because I quickly realized that by this method particular values form real pictures: Planetary positions and cycles, star constellations, astronomical and geometric connections, and mystical symbols.

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I found that one of the Hitomi-pictures displays a heliocentric system, in which the heavenly bodies Jupiter and Saturn are positioned to form the conjunction that is regarded as the Star of Bethlehem by some. And in addition to this there is also a picture of the Big Dipper as it stood at the exact time of day (in the night) of that conjunction over Bethlehem.

The Method

The Hitomi-picture information is derived from the positions of particular words throughout the full text of the Hebrew Genesis. The dots of a picture, that actually are particular words, are distributed over the full Genesis. There seems to be no relation to certain pages or paragraphs and thus the cryptographic way how the picture information is hidden in the Genesis is a form of steganography, where the encoded content does not necessarily have to do with the container.

To mark certain words as a dot, all verses and with them the words of the Hebrew Genesis get arranged like this: The Genesis has thrice 511 verses, which are put onto three concentric wheels with 511 spokes (less spokes in the picture below, cannot draw all). The first 511 verses are put on the spokes of the innermost wheel, the next 511 verses on the same spokes but of the second wheel, and the last 511 verses on the same spokes of the outer wheel.

picture: Hitomi method scheme

While the verse number assigns the spoke, the word number in the verse assigns the radius. Each of the three sections of a spoke, the innermost, the mid, and the outer, contains one verse and is divided into 26 units along its radius (only 8 divisions in the picture below, cannot draw all 26). These divisions are made because there is a maximum of 26 words in a verse. Each word (the gray areas) of a verse is put into one of the 26 divisions, from the inner divisions to the outer. For a verse with less than 26 words the remaining divisions stay clear. In the mathematic trade language today the whole can be called a polar coordinate system.

picture: Hitomi method words scheme

As we said, in Hebrew every letter is also a number. And when we add the numbers of the letters of a word, we get the word value. Per picture, one key value is defined, and every word whose value matches the key value, is marked with a dot.

The Result

Picking the correct numbers and finding eight intended pictures in around thousand possible dot patterns was largely an intuitive task. So apparently the dots produced by the number 231, when connected with imaginary lines (see below), intuitively seemed like denoting a compass to me, especially the Masonic one (“Masonic compass” in german: „Zirkel der Freimaurer“).

picture: Hitomi compass

With a compass one can make circles, and so I did: Using the angular point of the pretended compass as the center, I drew circles (red, see the animation below) through the other dots and also one through the center of the black pupil. I immediately realized that these circles should be planetary orbits and the angular point of the compass should be the Sun. Well, these orbits do not relate to each other like in reality, but their radiuses do relate in the measure of the golden ratio. This is remarkable.

picture: conjunction

By assuming that the dot in the center of the picture should be the Earth we can apply the natural sequence of our planets and see that the two outermost orbits must be those of Jupiter and Saturn. And obviously in the Hitomi-picture these two planets are in a conjunction in the sign of Pisces when spotted from Earth.

I grabbed some astronomical data and found out that this depicted conjunction was the one on September 30. in the year 7 BC, which is considered as the “original Star of Bethlehem” by some. The angles of the Planets do not match for any other conjunction in our history.

It goes even further: Another one of the pictures shows the Big Dipper (see below) as it stood on the mentioned day at 8:30 PM over Bethlehem just above the horizon directly down in the north. 8:30 PM is exactly the time of day that is given by the astronomical data for the mentioned conjunction.

picture: Dipper over Bethlehem

On one level or from one point of view the picture 231 is a compass. From another it is just an astronomical conjunction of planets.

The conjunction and the Dipper were just two examples. There are more results. Not just celestial phenomena. And all Hitomi-pictures have multiple levels of understanding, where one of that levels is their purpose as Kabbalistic visualisation and contemplation tools.

In the Torakosmos every Sephirah in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life has its unique and distinct depiction through a Hitomi-picture. And while these depictions define a part of the meanings of the Sephiroth as known when the pictures were encoded, the pictures are effective keys to the Sephiroth.

The pure pictures are only skeletons. The power comes from the life that you can create around them and how you associate them with the Sephiroth. Then recalling the Hitomi-pictures can bring you in contact and affinity with all those ideas. Each picture in your mind can be a key to you and open you the door to the spiritual essence of a Sephirah and more. The pictures were almost probably used in that way by the ancient Kabbalists and can also be used for that by the common man today.

As we are going to see on the Sephiroth page, there seems to be a connection between the Hitomi-pictures and the compass and square of the Freemasons. Indeed the purpose of the Hitomi-symbols and the masonic symbols is similar.

picture: square and compass

In the self-education of the Freemasons the brothers could let their symbols, mainly the square and compass, affect them and their inner selves. In this way a personal and spiritual development could be activated, which would result in virtuous behavior and a heart of gold.

Continue reading about the Hitomi-Sephirothic connections.

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