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Hebrew letters also are numbers, as shown in Alphabets. Adding these numbers of the letters of a word is called Gematria. This calculator supports some different methods how the values of the letters are calculated.

Simple value: is also called "outer value" and uses the normal value of 1 to 400 for every letter, even for end-letters.

Alternate value: end-letters are calcualted with their alternate value as 500 to 900. End-letters (the five in the bottom row above) are special forms of particular letters that are used instead of the normal looking letters a the end of a word. They can have an alternate value, see Alphabets.

Full value: the Hebrew letters have names that can be spelled out letter by letter. Each of those resulting letter's values is added instead of the simple value of a letter.

Hidden value: subtracts the outer value from the full value to "reach the other world".

Flipped value: this uses the letter values according to the so called Atbash. The first letter of the Alephbeth is replaced by the last letter, the second letter is replaced by the next-to-last letter and so on.

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